You truly want to know how to find happiness in your life? It’s easier than you think.  Every single person in the World strives to be happier, but the truth is that some people are happier than others. You know why? Because of their attitude towards life is different; some people find and take life easier than others. As a result, it helps them to focus more on themselves and ignore the negative external influences.

How To Find Happiness in Your Life

Start your way to a happier life and build these easy tips and tricks into your everyday routine.

1. Understand Happiness

First and most important thing is that you understand what makes you happy, than you will discovery how to find happiness in your life.  Every single person has different requirements for happiness, but as soon as you find out your way to become happy, you can take the first step in order to achieve it. Most people feel that happiness is a temporary feeling, because they allow external circumstances to affect it. If you need to make changes in your life to became happy, well go and make it happen!

2. Write A Short List Of Things That Makes You Happy

It sounds silly but if you write down all the things that make you happy it is easier to keep track of them and whenever you want to boost up your mood you just have to check your list that worked previously. When I hear a good music or I see a movie trailer I write down the title so next time when I want to listen a good song or watch a great movie I know where to look for.

3. Surround Yourself With Happy People And Friends

Always try to be surrounded by people with positive thoughts. It is so easy to get unmotivated and unhappy when you are in a group, that think different about life in general. On the other hand if you are surrounded with happy people, their emotional state will be infectious. Keep in mind that laugher is one of the best if not the most important prescriptions for happiness. So find a group of friends that enjoy life at a “highest level” and hang out with them as much as you can.

4. Don’t Worry Too Much

When something goes wrong try to find the solution instead of worrying about it too much. Truly happy people ignore these kinds of things from their lives as much as they can. Always try to think about the solution, not about the problem itself.

5. Keep Yourself Busy

Research has found that people who stay busy on a daily basis are happier who stays idle. Try to find something that make you busy and always look at what you have done; and not at what you have not done on that day.

6. Don’t Worry About The Money

Money doesn’t buy happiness.  Lot of people chaise money in their whole life and they forget to enjoy it. Don’t be one of them! True happiness lies in rewarding relationships not on material wealth. Just remember best things in life are free.

7. Live A Healthier Life

I am sure that this information is not new to you but it is a well-known fact that exercise is good for you and it is also a key to happiness. Based on research there is a pretty strong link between exercise and happiness; it helps you look better and it helps you feel better. It also lowers your stress levels and increase endorphins in your body. Win-win situation.

Ohh, and don’t forget to eat as natural as possible.

8. How To Find Happiness? Find Humor!

Do more what makes you happy! Humor and laughter is a great medicine, period.  According to some research if you laugh on a regular basis you can boost your immune system and your happiness of course. So smile more often and leave the stress out of your body.

“Happiness is a journey… Not a destination! “


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9. Understand That You Deserve Happiness

Easy tip, but really important! You have to know that you deserve happiness and you are not the only one that is looking for ways to find a better and happier life! As soon as you realize that, you will find your way to become happy.

10. Got To Have Adventures

Spend as much time as you can outdoors. It helps you reduce stress that is directly related to happiness. Many people just work and sleep, they forget to enjoy the nature around them. Go out more often or travel and leave your town or city once a year and be adventurous.

11. Listen Relaxing Music

Occasionally you need to turn off your brain and just chill at home without talking to people. Put on a relaxing music and just enjoy the sound waves.

12. If You Don’t Like Something Change It

Remember, this is your life! Stop over analyzing it, life is simple. If you don’t like your job, quit. I know it sounds easy, but it’s supposed to be easy.

13. One Day, One Step

Do something for yourself each day, that is the most important thing in order to reach happiness. So I highly recommend you to do something good every single day. Small things, such as watch a good movie, read a book, help your friend or just go out for a walk. These small things can have huge affects on your well-being and hopefully you will not think about on how to find happiness no more.

14. Find Love

Life is easier if we have a partner who understand us and help us out if we are feeling down. They help to solve and overcome problems and they are always there to enjoy happiness with you. This is not an easy task nowadays but go for it! :)

15. Wake Up And Live

Get your ass up and start to live Your life! Happiness is by choice not by chance, always remember this.

Don’t forget to expect and accept happiness and you will get there some day. Sometimes you just have to be positive and everything is going to be alright. Lot of people (including my friends) believes that happiness is a form of luck and some people are generally happy. Well this is not true, not true at all! These tips that I mentioned above are small but meaningful steps that you and everyone can take each day to find a way to a happier life.

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