All of our lives, we’re told that the best way to achieve success is through hard work and a little bit of luck. While this is absolutely true – there is a deeper power that we can all tap into to help us reach our goals even faster.

Successful entrepreneurs and visionaries like Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs were firm believers in the power of intuition.
In his biography, Jobs is quoted as saying, “Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion. That’s had a big impact on my work.”
Einstein quote

Coming from one of the greatest business leaders of our time, these words are significant.
Yet when we hear the word intuition, most of us are likely to think of guardian angels or a sixth sense – which makes it easy for skeptics to dismiss and leaves the rest of us feeling slightly inferior. But what if intuition is nothing more than our own minds and bodies hard at work processing information, thoughts, memories, feelings and experiences and subtly guiding us towards decisions based on the compiled information?
Now that’s exciting.
It means that those entrepreneurs who changed history were correct and that we all have the power to tap into this internal wisdom. It just requires practice. Here are five things you can do every day to strengthen your intuitive powers:
So much of our day is cluttered with negative thoughts. From career worries to financial troubles to relationship problems – our minds seem to be plagued by a constant stream of negative chatter. Have your ever actually listened to your thoughts? It’s an interesting exercise. Every day, when you feel negativity creeping in, listen to what the “chatter” is saying, then deliberately counter it with positive statements. Allow your mind to enjoy moments of calm and peace and slowly you’ll find that your inner voice will become clearer.

Animals are always in tune with their surroundings and sense things that we don’t. Have you ever encountered a dog who didn’t like a particular person, only to find out later that the person had done something awful? We listen to what animals are telling us because we trust their instincts, but we don’t always listen to ourselves. Although we have a greater ability to rely on our instincts than we think, we often let our perceptions and fear of judgment get in the way. Every day, take time to sit quietly and observe nature. Listen to the sounds around you. Breathe in the smells. Feel the textures. Watch animals interacting. This exercise will calm your busy mind, get you back to basics and allow your subconscious mind to do what it was designed to do – keep you safe and guide you through life.
If you’re struggling with a problem at work or in a relationship, try this exercise: Before bedtime, quiet your mind, then think of a problem you’d like to solve. Relax and allow the problem to seep into your unconscious mind and see if you wake up with a solution. Practice doing this every night and write down the results. Did messages come in your dreams? If so, write them down. Did you have a sudden inspiration or idea during the night? Again, write it down immediately so the thought doesn’t disappear. Over time, you will notice that your subconscious has been busy at work all along helping you find solutions to your problems and possibly even providing you with great ideas that may hold the key to your success.
When you start getting in touch with your intuition, pay attention to how the messages are generally conveyed. Is it through your dreams? Do you get flashes of insight in the shower? Or do you typically get a feeling in your gut? Once you learn how your subconscious speaks to you, you’ll be more aware of important messages in the future.
Every day, try and practice some kind of intuitive act. Think back to a time when you guessed about who was calling. Or when you suddenly thought about someone you hadn’t seen for years only to find out they had been sick. That was your intuitive mind speaking. Each day, try a few of these exercises: Guess who is calling on the phone when it rings; pull a card out of a deck and see if you can guess what it is; or think of a simple decision you need to make, then listen to see if your intuition is sending you a message. Practicing a little bit every day can be a fun way to strengthen your intuitive powers so you’re ready when those really big decisions come along.
Successful business people understand the power of following hunches and listening to their intuition. Whether it’s career success or a happy life you’re after – your intuition can help guide you through daily decisions and help you achieve your goals.

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