I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?” This is an old, kind of lame, and yet still a cute way how to get a girls number. She’s probably heard it before, but if the conversation is going well, it could be a successful way to get her digits. Cell phones mean that 99% of us have a phone on us 24/7 and it’s easier to stay in touch than it has ever been before, but getting that phone number is like getting a magic code to unlock the mysteries of contacting her. Sometimes it’s easy, and many girls will think, “Sure, why not? I can always ignore his calls and texts if he turns out to be a douche” and will willingly give you her number. Other girls treat their phone numbers like it’s their ATM code and won’t want to share it with anyone. There are a few easy tips when you’re thinking about how to get girls numbers, and with a little effort you’ll find the contacts list on your phone suddenly starts filling up with female names…

The Straightforward Approach How to Get a Girls Number: Just Ask!

It’s really that easy. If you’ve met a girl at a bar or a party, begun an interesting conversation and want to meet up with her later, then just ask for her number. Maybe she’ll say yes, and maybe she’ll say no, but if she says no, it’s hardly the end of the world since you’ve just met her and will probably never see her again. If you manage to obtain her number on a big night out, make sure you don’t fall into the drunk texting trap. It’s best to even forget you have her number until the next day when you have a clear head. But in order to get that number, it’s best to pick the right moment to ask.

Or you can follow Vitaly’s approach as well (he is awesome!):
Picking The Moment to Ask for Her Number

You’ve met a girl, you’re talking to her and the conversation is going really well. Don’t assume that the whole conversation will be so successful. Even people who would be a perfect match can often fall into awkward silences when they don’t know each other so well. When choosing the best time to work out how to get a girls number, you should always do so when the conversation is going well. Maybe you’ve shared a laugh, and this would be the ideal time to simply say, “You seem really cool – I’d love to get your number so we can hang out again.” Keep it casual, and don’t wait. She might be willing to give you her number then, but if the conversation later becomes filled with awkward silences, she might not be so keen.

How to Get Girls Numbers: Don’t Literally Ask for It

A guy who knows what he wants without being aggressive about it can be very attractive, and being confident in yourself is perhaps one of the ultimate dating tips for men. It’s an authoritative approach, but have you considered not actually asking for her number, but instructing her to give it to you? It’s not as though you’re demanding to get her number, which is a big no-no when it comes to how to get girls numbers. Say something like, “I have to go and hang out with my friend. Give me your number so we can stay in touch.” You could also say, “ You’re interesting and I’d like to see you again, so I’ll need your contact details.” It’s really just playing with words, but if you don’t literally ask for the number, it’s difficult for her to say no – since you didn’t actually ask a question. This is a tricky way how to get a girls number, but it’s deceptively simple.

Other Ways to Get Her Number

There are many things that can make it difficult when working out how to get a girls number. She might be with friends and so it’s awkward for you to ask, or maybe you’re just nervous as hell – you want to stay in touch somehow but the actual words, “phone number” are too much for you to say. There are some ways around this, and you can find out how to get girls numbers without even asking for it (or telling her to give it to you).

If it’s at a bar or club, this approach is pretty much impossible, but if you meet the girl at a party and leave without her number, somebody else will have it. It’s a party, she’s been invited, so someone must know her. Ask the party’s hosts for her digits. It might seem cute and once you explain that you want to ask her out, they’ll probably be willing to help.
Take advantage of modern technology. It might not be a way to get a girls number, but it’s a way to stay in touch. Look her up on Facebook and add her as a friend. This isn’t as weird as it sounds, since you’ve probably been added by people who you just had a quick conversation with at a party. You can stay in touch via social media and get to know her from behind the safety of a computer screen, which makes it easier to actually ask for her phone number.
Want to know how to get girls numbers? Give her yours. Offer her your number, and it might turn out that she will immediately do the same. We’re not living in the 1950’s, and many girls have no problems being the one asking a guy out, so if you feel you have a connection, then just give her your number. Hey – maybe she’ll even pay for dinner!
And Finally…

One of the most important things to remember when working out how to get girls numbers is that no means no. If she’s not interested in giving you her number, then don’t push too hard. You don’t want to come across as creepy or desperate as this is a major turn off. Maybe you’ll see her again and she will feel comfortable enough to give it to you, or maybe you’re better off finding a girl who doesn’t treat her phone number like it’s a launch code for a nuclear missile.

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