If you’re new to Tinder, then you might be wondering what took you so long. You were missing out on a fun and straightforward way to meet nice (and of course, hot) women in your surrounding area for fun and possibly even romance (but yeah, let’s be honest… mostly for fun). It’s kind of weird how Tinder allows online interaction in the way that MySpace used to do. Remember that old school form of online interaction? In the innocent days before we knew how much the NSA was watching us, you could browse MySpace for potential matches, and there was little in the way of privacy or only being able to look at certain information if they had approved you as a friend.

With MySpace it wasn’t out of the ordinary to receive a message from a random individual who had stumbled across your profile, liked what they saw and wondered if you might be free for a drink or two (or five). But then people stopped caring about MySpace, and Facebook and their beloved privacy settings took over. It used to be so easy – using social media to find someone you thought was attractive, and then seeing what happened. Rather than mourning the end of MySpace and its dating potential, it’s time to use Tinder to its full advantage, which you might not yet be doing.

Sure, you know that if you like the look of a person, you choose the Heart option, and if you don’t, then go for the Cross (X). If they Heart you back, then you’re a match… maybe for a lifetime, but probably just for a sweaty couple of hours (or 20 minutes, if that’s your standard time – no judgment) It’s all pretty easy, and yet there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a list of Tinder dating tips to make it easier to get what you want – no matter if it’s just a fun chat or a pants down party…

So what is Tinder dating and how to get the most out of it?


Most women will go straight past your profile if they don’t like your photo, so choose wisely. Have a good clear face pic, and try to avoid photoshopping the hell out of it. If you don’t like your pic, then remember that most things look better in black and white. A photo that shows your body type is a good idea too, since she might want to know if your breasts are bigger than hers (damn you, Ronald McDonald!) . Not everyone is looking for an adonis, and being honest now will save disappointment later when it comes to Tinder dating.


For the love of God, write a decent profile text. When Tinder profile information is blank, you might think it makes you look cool, above things, not concerned about following the rules. No, you look like a dick. You might have a profile pic that makes you look like someone who would cause Brad Pitt to break all the mirrors in his house because he could never be so handsome, but it’s not worth a damn without decent profile text. But the difficult question is, what exactly is the kind of profile text that will get her interested?


“I’m looking to meet nice girls for a nice time.” She will probably yawn. “I need someone really bad. Are you really bad?” She will probably vomit. Your profile text needs to briefly summarize who you are in an interesting way. Mention your profession (if you’re proud of it and think it will be of interest to others), any interests that take up a lot of your time (don’t be too broad. You like music? Guess what – so does everyone else). You only have a small amount of words to use, so be succinct. If in doubt, steal some hipster/ironic/funny quotes from books and movies.


So you have some cool photos, you have some fun text, and then… Holy crap! Your Tinder dating exploits have returned a match. So what do you say to her? If she’s used what looks like a quote from somewhere on her profile, Google it and then you can remark how much you love that book/movie/TV show too. A little sarcasm helps with these online exchanges too… not everyone appreciates it, but it can work well in this context. Her: “So what’s happening with you today?” You: I” just took a shower. It’s probably the most exciting thing I’ll do today”. See? It’s cute, funny, and makes her think of you naked…


Online chat only takes you so far, but remember this might be as far as it goes. Even if you’re a match with an awesome girl, it doesn’t mean anything is going to happen. Some people use dating apps like Tinder as a form of passive entertainment, for when there’s nothing on TV and might not have any intention of actually meeting. It’s better to act quickly, since it’s possible for both sides to lose interest. So if you think there’s an online connection, ask her out for a drink or two (or five). If she says no, or it doesn’t go well, then Tinder dating offers many other options. Whether or not the date goes well is up to you… but don’t stress. If you’re worried that you won’t be so funny in real life, think about some funny things to talk about. If you’re worried that you used a black and white photo, then only meet her in a really dark bar.



  • DO be careful about looking for true love. We’re not saying it definitely won’t happen, but remember that many girls on Tinder are looking for fun, just like most of the guys. Isn’t gender equality awesome?
  • DO remember that there are other ways to meet women, and while Tinder dating can be a hell of a lot of fun, there are other options, like actually approaching a woman at a party (old school, huh?). If it’s 4am and you’re on Tinder, having not showered for days, it’s time for a Tindervention. You want to avoid this… after a Tindervention, you’re only allowed to use the internet to look at photos of puppies and kittens.


  • DON’T use Tinder online dating when you’re drunk, horny and feeling a little desperate. Excess alcohol means you’re not allowed to operate a car, and it also means that you should be careful about operating your dick. Be careful about drunk mistakes, since your “hot or not” register can be a little off after a few beers.
  • DON’T forget that some “professionals” use Tinder to find business. Hell, companies advertise on Facebook, so why not use Tinder dating to lure in some new customers. You sent that hot girl a heart. She sent one back. Wow! You can even meet her if you want. It will just be $100 per hour, and no kissing on the mouth.

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